"Are your photos real?"

All of the photos in my advertisements are of me and were current at the time of posting. 
I have also been reviewed online in multiple places such as Scarlet Blue and Punter Planet.

"What methods of payment do you accept?"

I accept cash, bank transfer/direct deposit and EFTPOS.
EFTPOS will incur a 2.5% surcharge.

"I'd like to buy you a gift - what should I get for you?"

Although I would never request that gifts be bought for me, a select few gentlemen are constantly requesting I publish a Wish List to ensure I am enamoured of their gifts to me.

"What happens when I arrive?"

Unless you have requested something specific, I will be fully dressed when you arrive. I ask that after we are introduced, you hand payment to me in a plain, unsealed envelope. I will then direct you to the bathroom to shower and freshen up. Male hygiene products will be available for you to use at all times and it is very important that you make use of these.

"I had a shower before I arrived, do I need another one?"

I demand that all of my clients are freshly showered at the beginning of our booking to ensure you receive the best possible experience I can provide. Good hygiene is important and services may be refused if the required standard is not met. 

"Can I call you?"

I accept bookings via SMS, email and the online booking form. It is likely you will miss out if you refuse to use these means.

"Why haven't I received a reply?"

I endeavour to respond to all booking requests within 24 hours.
I am a busy girl and am often travelling or overseas.
Please ensure you contact me using the correct format.

One word texts, sexually explicit messages and photos will be ignored and result in your number being blacklisted.

For your privacy I prefer not to respond to text enquiries if more than 24 hours has passed, however all enquiries submitted via the Booking Enquiry Form will receive a reply as soon as I am able!

"I only want partial service - how much is that?"

My base rate is the GFE service. I do not discount or reduce my rate below the 30 minute GFE rate. My rate is firm regardless of your looks and sexual abilities.

"Do you have restrictions on clientele?"

I do not discriminate on appearance and prefer to instead focus on manner and behaviour during your time with me. Gentlemen are always treated with mutual respect and respectful gentleman can expect to have a great time with me.

"Can you send me a photo?"

My website, advertising and social media are a good source for photos of me and are constantly being updated. Please do not ask me to send you photos as I will not send you anything that is not already available online.

"I'm allergic to condoms or don't want to use them"

This is non negotiable. Sex is always protected and 100% safe. If you are allergic or suffer from a medical condition that does not allow the use of condoms, then we are unable to have sex. I practice safe sex at all times and will terminate the booking immediately if you attempt or suggest unprotected sex.

"Do you have discreet parking?"

Yes, I will always respect your privacy and will host from locations that provide suitable parking.

"Do you smoke?"

No I do not smoke and would appreciate use of the provided mouthwash prior to our booking if you do.

"I've been told I have a really big dick.. Can I send you a photo so you can check if it's too big for you?"

You may send me measurements and I will let you know. Unrequested photos will result in your number being blacklisted.

"I really want to see you, but I can't afford to.. Can we make a deal?"

Rates are non negotiable. Trades are not available. If you ask, you will be ignored and blacklisted.