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"The Ultimate Courtesan"

Whether we be out for breakfast, lunch, dinner, a function, a movie or a show, snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef or mid-flight at 36,000 feet, she is always beautifully presented and forever dying to wrap her lips around my cock.

"It was like this woman had Energiser batteries powering her."

Punters, Frankie makes every effort to please her client. Nothing was too big of an ask for her. Thoughtful, accommodating and a pleasure to hold and spend time with.

"I had a blast. Easily the best sex I've had this year, if not longer - and by far my best encounter with an escort."

The ensuing blowjob was easily the best I have ever had in my life. She took my entire cock down her throat like it was nothing, and gave me a very pornstar-esque blowjob - slapping herself with my cock while encouraging me to spank her ass and grab her titties.

"Hands down, the best lay I have ever had to this date and I am 26!"

The image of her flawless, oiled tits bouncing and toned abdomen riding me is unforgettable. I can still taste the strawberry flavour of the lube from sucking on her tits and kissing her body.

"Frankie has a gorgeous face, perfectly rounded ass and titties and a tight little body."

Having Frankie kneeling at my feet with her hands wrapped around my cock and those gorgeous eyes staring up at me, listening to her beg for my cum on her face.. It becomes the highlight of my day every time I'm able to see her.